Reading Placement

Students with a SAT reading sub-score ≤ 23  (SAT taken AFTER March 2016) or ACT - Verbal Section ≤ 19 are automatically placed into RDG050: Developmental Reading & Study Skills. This course does not count as credit toward graduation.Students may challenge this placement by taking the 50 minute Townsend Press College Preparatory Reading Test. 

The Townsend Press Reading Assessment is TIMED (50min). If you require special accommodations please have the Extended Time Form completed and returned NO LATER than 2 weeks prior to scheduled testing date.

You can explore the Townsend Press materials and Learning Center at :

Review Options

Practice exercises are available on the Townsend Press website. On their website, you will see three hexagons (as shown below). You can find practice exercises by clicking on TRY SAMPLE ITEMS in the ‘WANT TO EXPLORE?’ hexagon to the left.

 Townsend Press page view


You will be taken to a webpage that provides practice exercises pertaining to English/Grammar/Writing, Reading, and Vocabulary. We highly recommend working through the Reading exercises (shown below), although English/Grammar/Writing and Vocabulary exercises may be helpful in preparing for the Townsend Press College Preparatory Reading Test.

townsend page preview