The appropriate English course is determined by the student’s placement level. Your placement for English will be available to you on MyShip Portal as soon as your essay has been read and scored. The score (1, 3, or 4) determines which class you are eligible to take.

(1) ENG113:Introduction to Academic Writing -This is an introductory writing course designed to increase students' writing proficiency to the level required in ENG114, a course that fulfills the General Education writing requirement. ENG113 focuses on the writing process and provides an introduction to the kinds of critical and analytical writing that will be required to ENG114. Students will read and respond to a variety of texts and strengthen their ability to develop a clear and focused argument. Particular attention is paid to essential writing skills, such as the ability to generate ideas, create a clear and focused argument, develop focused paragraphs, use sources and create error-free sentences. There will also be a sustained focus on grammar and usage so that students are better prepared for the rigor of ENG114.

(3) ENG114:Writing Intensive First-Year Seminar (WIFYS) - Introduces thought provoking texts and subjects. Assists students in developing four basic skills:writing, reading, discussion, and critical-thinking. Students learn to communicate more effectively as writers and learn to read, discuss, and think more deeply and successfully. Introduces some university resources, such as the library and the Learning Center. Assists in making the transition from high school to the university by providing a small, interactive writing intensive course. Students are assigned to ENG114 on the basis of their performance on the SATs, Placement Testing or after successful completion of ENG113.

(4) ENG115:Advanced Placement Writing - Provides well-prepared students with enhanced course work in writing effective essays in accordance with a process model of pre-writing, drafting, peer reviewing, revising, editing, and proofreading, as well as sophisticated rhetorical analysis of audience, form, and content. Students compose some writing from print, non-print and on-line sources, using such appropriate documentation formats as Modern Language Association (MLA) format for essays in the humanities. Students are assigned to ENG115 instead of ENG114 on the basis of their performance on the SAT or Placement Testing.