Welcome to Shippensburg University, Transfer Students!

Transfer students in need of further coursework in mathematics or writing will be required to complete placement testing. Your respective Dean’s office will review your transcripts and determine whether or not testing is required.

Once your transcripts have been evaluated you will be able to view your placement testing requirements, if any, by logging into our online registration system. Please allow for a couple of weeks after confirming your attendance for a review of your transcripts. See the Placement Testing Brochure for detailed instructions for logging into the online registration system.

Check your Ship email account frequently after confirming your attendance as email is the official form of communication on campus.

If you have questions concerning your testing requirement(s), please contact the appropriate Dean’s office.

College of Arts & Sciences 717-477-1151
College of Business 717-477-1620
College of Education & Human Services 717-477-1141
School of Academic Programs & Services - Undeclared Division 717-477-1395

Please review the rest of our website for more detailed information concerning placement testing.