Academic Major Planning Guides

Select from the links below to view each major's Curriculum Sheet, its Academic Profile (overview), its 4 Year Plan Template, their respective minor(s), and each departmental homepage.

The linked Curriculum Sheets, 4 Year Plan templates and Minors are in PDF format.

College of Arts & Sciences

Curriculum Sheet Profile Sheet 4 Year Plan Templates Minor
Applied Physics B.S. (Pre-Engineering) X
Art B.A. X X
Computer Graphics
Art (Education Certification) X X
Biology B.S. X X X
Biology (Biotech Concentration) X X
Biology (Clinical Sciences) X Biology (Ecology/Environmental Science) X X
Biology (Health Professions) X X
Biology (Secondary Ed.) X X
Chemistry B.S. X X X
Chemistry (Biochemistry) X X
Chemistry (Forensics B_S)
Chemistry (Pre-Pharmacy B_S) X X
Chemistry (Medical Technology) X X
Chemistry (Secondary Ed.) X X
Communications/Journalism B.A. X Electronic Media
Public Relations
Print Media
Computer Engineering B_S
Computer Science B.S. X Computer Graphics
Embedded Programming
Software Engineering
Systems Conc.
Earth Space General Science Secondary Ed Certification X X
Economics B.S. X Business
Political Science
Public Administration
Social Science
English B.A. X X X
English (Writing) X X
English (Secondary Education) X X
French B.A. X X X
French (Secondary Ed.) X X
Geoenvironmental Studies B.S. X X
Geography (GIS) X X Geography
Geography (Human Environmental) X X
Geography (Land Use) X X
Geography (Secondary Ed) X X
History B.A. X X
Public History Concentration
History (Social Studies Ed.) X X
Human Communication Studies B.A. X X X
Interdisciplinary Arts Program B.A. X X
International Studies B.A.
Mathematics B.S. X (no concentration)
Applied Math
Secondary Ed.
Physics B.S. X Advanced Physics
Computational Physics
General Physics
Physics (Secondary Ed.) X X
Political Science B.A. X X X
Political Science (Social Studies Ed.) X X
Psychology B.A. X X X
Public Administration B.S. X X X
Sociology B.A. X X Sociology
Spanish B.A. X X X
Spanish (Secondary Ed.) X X

College of Arts and Sciences Resources

Additional Minors

College of Education & Human Services

Curriculum Sheet Profile Sheet 4 Year Plan Template Minor
Criminal Justice B.S. X X X
Exercise Science B.S. X X Coaching
Exercise Science
Social Work B.S.W. X X Gerontology
Early Childhood (PK-4) X X
Elementary/Middle Level (4-8th Grade) choose option below
Option #1 English/Language Teacher Education Elementary Middle Level 4-8th Grade X X
Option #1 Math X X
Option #2 Math and Language Arts X X
Option #2 Math and Science X X
Option #2 Math and Social Studies X X
Option #1 Science X X
Option #2 Science and Language Arts X X
Option #2- Science and Social Studies X X
Option #1 Social Studies X X

John L. Grove College of Business

Curriculum Sheet
Profile Sheet
4 Year Plan Template
Accounting B.S.B.A.
Finance B.S.B.A.
Management B.S.B.A.
Management Information Systems B.S.B.A.
Marketing B.S.B.A.
Supply Change Management B.S.B.A.

Business Resources

Honors Program

Curriculum Sheet
Profile Sheet
4 Year Plan Template
Honors Program X