MAPs: Major Action Plans

A map is a guide that provides you with important information and helps you find your way to a destination. Our MAP does the same thing. Our goal is to assist you in finding and selecting an academic major that meets your skills, interests, and abilities by the middle of your third semester. Waiting longer than this to select a major can jeopardize your ability to graduate within four years. The MAP suggests specific things you can do now that will help you decide.

The MAP addresses four areas where students frequently need additional information. Do you need to know more about yourself? Do you need to know more about your academic options? Do you need to know more about your career options? Do you need help with the mechanics of decision-making? If your answer to any of the above is yes, then follow the MAP!

For simplicity's sake, we have listed only the major factors that you should consider in choosing a major. In reality, all of these components should be integrated together in your thinking for you to arrive at a satisfying decision. Your major will occupy you for the next few years and your career for decades beyond that. Don't you owe it to yourself to take the time to understand yourself and your options in order to make an effective decision?

Remember, time passes quickly at Shippensburg. You must choose a major by October of your sophomore year. Choosing a satisfying major, like choosing a satisfying career, is a process that takes time. Begin that process NOW! Good Luck!