Course Syllabi

"Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." Abigal Adams

Course Contact

David I. Henriques
Office: HH 122
Office Hours: Appointments are preferred, but unscheduled visits are acceptable if schedules permit.

Course Description

The Personal, Academic, and Career Exploration Seminar (PACES) is a non-credit web course for students with a sincere desire to explore themselves, their academic options, and the World of Work. Course content includes assessing personal values, skills, and interests, links to web resources highlighting careers by major as well as links to government sites dealing with career data and predictions, a decision-making process for choosing a major, strategies for using general education coursework to explore potential majors and careers, and the location and use of campus career information. During the course of the school year, students will have access to mini-lectures, guest speakers, assessment activities, Advising Central, and Open Houses for 'field trips.'

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this web-course, you should be able to: 
  1. Identify your values, goals, abilities, motivations, and interests-and apply this self-knowledge to major and career options.
  2. Describe major myths and market realities and apply this knowledge to your own career development decisions.
  3. Explore and use career-related computer resources.
  4. Identify and use on-campus sources for major exploration and career development.
  5. Complete a variety of assessments designed for self-exploration, and apply this knowledge to the major selection and career development process.
  6. Complete either an informational interview with someone who is majoring in a subject or working in a career that you are considering. 
  7. Maintain a portfolio containing all handouts and completed assessments acquired during the course.
  8. Understand yourself more completely in terms of personal themes that resonate throughout your life and how to relate these personal themes to your major and career exploration.
  9. Confirm your choice of major, or narrow the field down to two or three viable alternatives by using a decision-making model. Identify an appropriate academic program that will help you realize your goals.