Lesson10:Use of Advisment and General Education Courses

Scheduling strategies


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To help students identify and explore alternative majors.


Due to the increasing selectivity of many majors at Ship, a number of students do not gain entry into the majors/programs of their choice. This activity is designed to help students identify and examine alternative majors in related academic fields of interest.

Part I

Connect to the alternative academic major category listed below that corresponds to your area of interest and review the alternative majors listed.

  1. Alternatives to Science
  2. Alternatives to the College of Business
  3. Alternatives within Helping Profession
  4. Alternatives to Education

Part II

Complete the Alternative Major Worksheet with the following information:

1) List at least 3 alternative majors in which you have an interest.

2) For each major, list 3 reasons why it would be a good choice (Pros).

3) For each major, list 3 reasons why it would not be a good choice (Cons).

Take the following into consideration:

  • Prerequisite courses and your ability to successfully complete them.
  • Average GPA to enter the major and your current cumulative GPA.
  • Your interest in the major course work required.
  • Application criteria (such as volunteer hours, interview and personal statement).
  • Application deadline.
  • Time to complete the program.
  • Knowledge of occupations related to the major and an interest in those options.


Major A
Major B
Major C




Major A
Major B
Major C



  1. Which major appears to be the best choice for you?
  2. Why?
  3. Is your choice a competitive major?
  4. Do you currently have the GPA to enter the major? If no, what will you need to do to raise your GPA to a competitive range?
  5. What other information do you need to commit to an alternative major?

Other curricular strategies for deciding on a major

  • Internships
  • Volunteer Positions