Lesson 11: Deciding to Decide

http://www.uvc.ohio-state.edu/Altworks/capsheets/demkres.html (Decision Making OSU)


Conducting a major/career search can be complex and confusing. This section is designed to help with your exploration by assisting you with collecting and organizing information. There are several ways you might need assistance.

  • Some students want more help by structuring their initial steps for beginning their major and career exploration.
  • Some students need assistance in collecting information and integrating it across all three areas of self-assessment, educational information, and career/occupational information.
  • Some students need to have a better understanding of how they make decisions and how this is influencing their current exploration.

This section contains a number of Web links to help you. Division of Undeclared Majors is a site listing major and career exploration websites.

http://www.uvc.ohio-state.edu/Altworks/capsheets/assign1.html(Assignment Assessments and Ship Majors)

HEGIS Areas of Study (Listing of approximately 520 areas of study in institutions of higher education in US.