Lesson1:Course Overview


The purpose of this lesson is to provide you with an overall plan and to understand the rubric we will be using through out this program

Why some people have difficulty deciding


The DOT provides basic occupational information, including titles and definitions for a myriad of jobs.

How many titles are listed in this text?

From accountant to zoologist with over 200 careers in between, this career search yields results that give you access to a day in the life of each profession, what it takes to pay your dues, history of and associated careers, as well as quality-of-life overviews for the careers that interest you. Each career also has a list of major employers to allow you to initiate contacts.



Informed Career Decisions Fastest growing careers

Some students may feel over whelmed by making a decision about their educational and career direction. Three authors, Bartsch, Yost and Girrell researched this issue and found that students had many reasons why they did not make decisions and take action. Dr. Virginia Gordon adapted their findings and created this assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to help students focus on what issues they might be having difficulties with that hinder their major/career decision-making.

  • Look at the statements below. Check mark the ones that best explain why you might be having difficulty making a decision about selection of a major or career. You may want to write a brief description explaining how the statement pertains to you directly.

_____ I have made very few important decisions on my own, so I do not know how to take action.

_____ I feel that it makes no difference whether I do it or not, it is out of my control.

_____ I am concerned about what others will think; maybe they will disapprove.

_____ I do not know what action steps need to be taken, so I do not know where to begin.

_____ I have not set priorities, so I do not know what to do first.

_____ I am over whelmed by all that needs to be done; so I do not take action on any of it.

_____ I tend to procrastinate. I put making decisions off until someone or some event forces me to take action.

_____ I am afraid of failing. What if I make the wrong decision or take the wrong action?

_____ I am afraid of succeeding. If I succeed I will have to deal with what comes next.

_____ I am not willing to give up immediate gratification for long term gain.

  • Have you checked any of these reasons? Many people have these thoughts when faced with a decision. How do the ones you have identified relate to your major/career exploration?
  • What can you do to counter these thoughts and behaviors?
  • Which of these do you want to discuss with your advisor?

Bartsch, Yost, and Girrell (1994)
Written by Viginia Gordon & George Steele, Univerisity College

  • From the www.review.com website
    • Describe the results. What surprised you? What majors at Shippensburg University are similar?
  • From the http://www.acinet.org/acinetwebsite:
    • Name 10 of the fastest growing careers
    • Name the 10 professions with declining numbers
    • Select at least 2 job families that you find interesting. What are those families and describe what you found. (both wage and trends, and knowledge, skills, and abilities.)