Undeclared Survey

The goal of the Office of Undeclared Students is to support your academic success, support your major selection, and support your transition to Shippensburg University. Completion of the Undeclared Survey allows us to meet this goal. 

Do you want to graduate on time? 

Since we are asking you to identify a primary major of interest, completing the survey supports our review of your first semester schedule to ensure your interests and skills are reflected in your schedule. The survey also provides an opportunity to share special registration considerations. Special considerations include: existing college credits, summer coursework, Advanced Placement courses, participation in athletics or band ensembles, employment, or if you are commuting. Having a first semester schedule that reflects your interests, skills, and scheduling considerations can save you time and money. 

Do you know the major you wish to declare? Does your intended major meet your interests, abilities, and skills? Do you know which other majors may meet your major/career interests?  

Embedded in the survey is a vocational inventory. This inventory helps us identify majors that are consistent with your skills, interests, and abilities. This information is presented to your academic advisor enabling him or her to aid you in making sound major and career decisions.  

Do you have the skills necessary to be academically successful? 

Each undeclared student completes a self-assessment. This information is shared with your advisor. It helps your advisor get to know you and support your social and academic transition into Ship. Your academic advisor is your primary support link at Ship. Don’t forget to include your personal e-mail address and cell phone number.  



The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Please take this survey seriously. A 10 minute investment to support your next four years is all we ask. There are four parts and each part must be completed.  

                                       Undeclared Survey

Once the survey has been completed, please review the Office of Undeclared Students' website. Use the time now, before classes begin, to explore majors and careers. Utilize our Guidebook and Major Planning information. If you do not know your Ship e-mail address and password, please review the steps printed in your Guide for Confirmed Students. If you encounter problems with the survey, please do not hesitate to call the Office of Undeclared Students (717 477-1395). For students entering via the Academic Success Program (ASP), please call their office (717 477-1134) if you have questions.