Award Letter

The official written notice from the Department of Veterans Affairs to a student of his or her monthly rate of payment, the inclusive dates of payment, delimiting date, and remaining entitlement at the end of the award period.  An award letter is sent to a VA student whenever VA awards or changes the student's education benefit. 

DD Form 214

The Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty that is prepared at the time an individual completes a period of active duty in one of the Armed Forces.  Veterans should be advised to submit copy number 4 of their DD Form 214 with a claim for VA benefits.  A certified copy may also be submitted.

Delimiting Date

The first day after a claimant's period of eligibility expires.  Benefits are not payable on or after the delimiting date.  Generally, the delimiting date is ten years and one day from the veteran's last release from active duty date (RAD).  Chapter 1606 is ten years from the date of eligibility if eligibility was established before October 1, 1992 and fourteen years after October 1, 1992.  The expiration date for those under Chapters 35 is computed differently.  Delimiting dates can be extended for those who were ordered to active duty as a member of the Selected Reserves or National Guard.

File Number

The Social Security Number (SSN) is the VA file number for most veterans.  If a veteran was assigned an old seven or eight digit file number, the veteran's SSN will cross reference the seven or eight digit file number.  A dependent's SSN will not cross-reference a veteran's record.  To access a dependent's record, the file number of the veteran must be provided.


Additional money added to an individual's education fund by the Department of Defense to encourage enlistment or retention in the Armed Forces.  The kicker is added to the individual's normal education benefit.  Kickers are used for chapters 30 and 1606.  Individuals who become eligible for Chapter 1607 may receive kickers from their former benefit.


Members of the Selected Reserve are given a Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD Form 2384, commonly referred to as a NOBE, pronounced no-be) by their National Guard or Reserve unit stating they are eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill®--Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606).  The primary source VA uses to establish chapter 1606 eligibility is a Department of Defense (DOD) computer link, the chapter 1606 DOD Data Record.  The NOBE is an alternative or supplemental document for establishing eligibility that's primarily used to verify eligibility for 120 days after the date it's issued.

WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment)

WAVE is an Internet program used by Chapter 30 and 1606 students to verify their enrollment.  Verification is required monthly.  Students can also use WAVE to change their address and direct deposit information.

Contact Information

Veteran's Service Office
Robert Smith 
Old Main-Rm 210 
Office: 717-477-1164
Fax: 717-477-4007 

ROTC Program
MAJ Bill Lloyd
U.S. Army ROTC
Wright Hall-Rm 204
Office: 717-477-1891
Fax: 717-477-1783