Pennsylvania National Guard Education Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Eligibility
    • Enlist or re-enlist for six (6) years.
    • Complete Basic Training.
    • Serve in a drilling National Guard Unit and remain in good standing.
    • Pennsylvania Resident.
    • Eligibility established by completing EAP Form 1 and PHEAA Promissory Note.
  • Benefit
    • Full-time student (12 credits/semester or more):  Pays 100% of tuition up to the SSHE cost.
    • Part-time student w/o Bachelor's degree (3-11 credits/semester):  Pays 100% of tuition up to funding cap.
    • Part-time student w/Bachelor's degree (3-11 credits/semester):  Pays 50% of tuition up to funding cap.
    • Full and Part-time students may apply for Federal Tuition Assistance in addition to EAP
  • Application for Benefits
    • Complete EAP Form 2 at your unit of assignment for each academic year.
    • Students attending summer fall, and spring semesters must complete EAP Form 2 not later than April 30.
    • Students attending fall and spring semesters must complete EAP Form 2 not later than June 30 each year.
    • Students attending more than one school in an academic year should indicate both schools on the EAP Form 2.
    • Recommend you make and keep a copy of your EAP Form 2 for future reference.
    • Notify the Military and Veterans Affairs Office at SHIP each semester you expect to receive EAP.
    • Change of school, change of enrollment, or change of address must be submitted on EAP Form 3.
  • Deadlines
    • 30 May - Summer semester only or Summer, Fall and Spring - applications for Summer received after 15 August will not be funded.
    • 30 June - Fall only or Fall/Spring or Spring only (for the academic year 1 July thru 30 Jun)

(Applications will be accepted after 30 June ONLY when funding permits)

  • At no time will applications be accepted for the 2009-2010 academic year after 15 January 2010. This program does not allow payment for previous years.
  • Disbursements
    • Applications received by 30 May 
      SUMMER - Mid July
    • Applications received by 30 June    
      FALL - Mid September
      SPRING - Mid January
      ADJUSTMENTS - Mid April

Contact Information

Veteran's Service Office
Robert Smith 
Old Main-Rm 210 
Office: 717-477-1164
Fax: 717-477-4007 

ROTC Program
MAJ Bill Lloyd
U.S. Army ROTC
Wright Hall-Rm 204
Office: 717-477-1891
Fax: 717-477-1783