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What is the Women's and Gender Studies Minor? 

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines the diverse experiences of women in the U.S. and globally, both past and present.  Many courses in the program also critically examine the meanings of gender as a culturally constructed category of identity.  The core courses and wide range of electives explore the intersections of gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality, as well as the social and cultural institutions that shape women's and men's lives.  Courses in WST investigate previously neglected materials, and apply new methodological, critical, and theoretical approaches in order to analyze and explain the role and status of women in society, and the impact of gendered practices within societies and cultures.  In the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, you will gain an increased understanding of human diversity, especially gender diversity, that will help prepare you for our continuously changing global society.  Through required coursework, research, electives in the your own area(s) of interest, internships, extracurricular activities, and leadership and service opportunities, you will gain knowledge and experience that will complement and enhance your major field of study.   

"So far as a Women's & Gender Studies minor, I have been able to find a place where I fit in and am able to express my concerns and knowledge of what is going on in society now. I am able to speak on topics that I was afraid to do before and I am a more confident and outspoken individual."  -Madeline Kwarteng

What career choices can I expect? 

Students with multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies experience will have an advantage as potential employees, since employers will increasingly seek applicants with knowledge of both gender issues and cultural diversity.  The Women’s and Gender Studies minor will help prepare you to work with a wide variety of people and anticipate their changing needs.  Graduates of the Women’s and Gender Studies minor find opportunities in business administration and management, advertising, health fields, education, journalism, criminology, social work, counseling, psychology, politics, law, and international affairs. 

How can I prepare for the Women's and Gender Studies Minor? 

Helpful in preparing for this program is an awareness of and interest in gender issues, especially in examining differing cultural expectations of women and men and the consequences of those expectations on human lives and societies. 

What classes are being offered during Spring 2016? 

  • COM 245 Diversity and Media
  • CRJ 326 Victimology: The Victim and the Law
  • CRJ 466 Women and Criminal Justice
  • ENG 345  Women's Literature
  • HCS 410 Feminist Perspectives on Communication Theory & Research Methods
  • HON 392 Honors Seminar: Heroines & History (restricted to students in the Honors Program)
  • PSY 410 Psychology and Women
  • SOC 320 Sociology of Disability
  • SWK 420 Gender Issues for Helping Professionals
  • WST 100 Introduction to Women's Studies
  • WST 200 Independent Study in Women's Studies (Department Permission Required)
  • WST 390 Internship in Women's Studies (Department Permission Required)

    What is the curriculum? 

    Completion of the Women’s & Gender Studies Minor requires a minimum of 18 credits. Students take two core courses: WST 100 Introduction to Women’s Studies and WST 300 Seminar in Women’s Studies. WST 100 Introduction to Women’s Studies is a general education course (Category E: Social Sciences) and also meets the University’s Diversity Requirement. The remaining credits for the Minor may be filled by choosing four elective courses from the following list: 

    ANT 312  Comparative Marriage and Family 

    ANT 320  Comparative Gender Roles 

    BIO 301   (Seminar) Contributions of Women in Biology (1 cr.) 

    CRJ 466  Women in Criminal Justice 

    ECN 303 Labor Economics 

    ENG 345 Womens Literature 

    ENG 370  Queer Studies 

    GRN 391 (Selected Topics in Gerontology) Women and Aging 

    HCS 335 Popular Culture and Gender Construction 

    HCS 340 Gender and Communication 

    HCS 410 Feminist Perspectives on Communication Theory and Methods of Research 

    HIS 407   Women in Global Perspective 

    MAT 400 History of Mathematics 

    MUS 330 Women in Music 

    PLS 324  Women in American Politics 

    PSY 410  Psychology and Women 

    SOC 257 Sociological Patterns of Courtship and Marriage 

    SOC 258 Womens Roles and Status 

    SOC 320  Sociology of the Body 

    SOC 435  Gender and Leadership 

    SWK 359 Violence in Interpersonal Relationships 

    SWK 420 Gender Issues for Helping Professionals 

    TCH 440 Gender Equity in Education 

    WST 200 Independent Study in Womens & Gender Studies 

    WST 390 Internship in Womens & Gender Studies 

    Additional elective courses continue to be developed by faculty. 

    Note: To complete the Women's and Gender Studies minor, students will take the two core courses (WST100 and WST300) and four of the approved electives. These four electives must come from at least two different disciplines. Two courses may be double-counted toward the student's major and the WST minor. Two elective courses must be at the 300 or 400 level. Five courses must be taken at Shippensburg University. 


    What is certification in Women's and Gender Studies? 

    Completion of the certification requires a minimum of 12 credits. Students take the two core courses — WST 100 and WST 300 — plus two other courses from the curriculum list above. 

    Upon the student’s graduation, his or her transcript will include proof of certification. 

    Who can take Women's and Gender Studies? 

    Anyone interested in gender issues, and especially in exploring women’s contributions and concerns — past, present, and future — as well as anyone committed to equality and advancing the status of women should consider enrolling in the Women’s & Gender Studies program. 

    Where can I get more information?  

    For specific program information, contact: 

    Dr. Rebecca Ward, Director 

    Women’s & Gender Studies 

    Horton Hall 125 (The Women’s Center) 

    Shippensburg University 

    1871 Old Main Drive 

    Shippensburg, PA 17257-2299 



    Website:  http://www.ship.edu/wst/ 

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