Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education
Social Equity Council’s Statement on Diversity

Within the context of PASSHE’s strategic vision, and respect for each institution’s unique history and mission, the PASSHE Social Equity Council seeks to foster a System of academic institutions committed to making diversity an integral part of educational excellence, business practices, and civic engagement.

As a part of its commitment, PASSHE must sustain each of its academic communities with a shared sense of purpose, core values, and respect for a diversity of cultures, perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. To that end, the members of these communities are expected to advance fair practices and the elimination of systemic practices and policies that serve as barriers to the full inclusion of all university constituents, and above all preserves the dignity and safety of every person.

PASSHE recognizes that this pursuit of excellence is predicated upon its obligation to sustain these shared values through all of its available resources. Therefore the Social Equity Council recommends that PASSHE’s resources (to include but not be limited to human, curricular and co‐curricular programs, and business practices) be used to increase people’s awareness, content knowledge, critical thinking, and understanding of the complexities of human interaction within our institutions and communities.

March 16, 2010

Sources drawn on in composing this statement:
Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, General Standards 2008