Early Alert

The Early Alert program provides assistance at the first opportunity and advocates for student success.

The Early Alert Coordinator strives to provide immediate assistance to students and works collaboratively with campus resources to assure that students’ needs are met in a timely manner. This is not a counseling service, nor is it punitive. The Early Alert Coordinator works to connect with students by reaching out with an initial email and requesting a face-to-face meeting, which typically lasts 30 minutes. During this initial meeting, the Early Alert Coordinator facilitates a conversation exploring the student’s academic and/or social obstacles and works collectively with the student to develop a plan of action. Each plan of action is targeted to the needs of the student and may consist of referrals to additional campus resources.

This program continues to effectively assist Ship students as they navigate their path toward academic and social success. Although many of us define success differently, often, this definition shapes our experiences. It’s the goal of the Early Alert Coordinator to help Ship students achieve success however they define it.