Clubs and Community Connections

At Shippensburg University, we view achieving sustainability as the ultimate goal for not only our campus, but also for our local and regional communities, our country, and our world.Sustainability Stewardship Logo: University, Stewardship, Community

In order to achieve that goal, we have to make strides to be better stewards of our natural and human resources.  We all have to make the commitment to take stewardSHIP seriously and we can only do that if each of us individually makes informed choices each day that help us toward that goal.  It means that we have to remain committed to informing and educating ourselves on issues related to sustainability, and most importantly it means that we have to take action to make our homes, our campus, our communities, our globe not only a healthier place to live, but also make it one that is more just, safe, and secure for all people, today and in the future.

With this in mind, our faculty, staff and students work hard to develop and lead cool activities through a wide-variety of campus organizations and community partners.  These events provide exciting and fun activities while attending university and provide students with opportunities to network with others and grow as individuals and as leaders.  Students who participate actively help raise awareness of issues that matter to them.  They give back to our local environment and community organizations every year. Students, faculty, and staff collaborate and help demonstrate important practices that can make a difference in so many ways! We hope you will make time to not only diversify your own resume, but also help facilitate and lead future activities and programs that contribute to our long-term commitment of becoming sustainable. Check out all of the opportunities that await you and make the choice to get involved!      

Campus Organizations Committed to Sustainability and Stewardship!

Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) (Geography Earth Science Honor Society)


Geography Earth Science Organization (GESO) (Student-led organization open to all students)

Focus on service-learning and co-curricular activities centered around the geosciences and related professional/career activities.  Organizes Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge each fall, leads clean-up trips to local state/regional parks, provides education outreach to local schools and organizations, and co-sponsors activities associated with StewardSHIP Week. 

Students for Environmental Action and Sustainability (SEAS) (Student-led organization open to all students)

Co-chairs the university-wide environmental steering committee and focuses on facilitating on/off campus actions to help raise awareness of environmental and conservation issues and recycling. Organizes the annual Earth Day Celebration.


SU Campus Community Farm Club (Student-led organization open to all students)


Ship Campus Farm Club Logo: Sustainable Thinking...Stewardship for the FutureWorks with campus and community members to provide opportunities for university students, staff, and faculty to practice organic farming methods and develop activities that promote awareness of sustainable agriculture and the benefits of farming through hands-on research and service-learning. Located adjacent to campus, the Farm Club and volunteers plant, maintain, and harvest from over 2 acres adjacent to Burd Run creek. The Farm Club members and affiliated faculty facilitate lessons on soils, hydrology, agriculture, botany, and more for over 500 school-age children annually, and provides enrichment activities for scouting groups, PA Grange, pre-schools, and adults (senior citizens and individuals with special needs).  Produce is harvested and most is donated to our volunteers and the local Shippensburg Produce and Outreach (SPO) Organization that provides healthy, fresh produce to more than 150 local families each week.  


Cycling Club


The active cycling club sponsors bicycle riding and racing events, facilitates the Ship Shares bicycle program, promotes bicycle safety, and offers clinics each year for various campus events. The Ship Shares bicycle program launched in 2017 to expand access to sustainable transportation for trips across campus, to nearby areas, or longer rides on the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail that runs adjacent to campus. 


Adventure Club


A place for students who have an interest in outdoor activities to come together, meet, and plan trips to experiences the outdoors.