Biochemistry is the study of chemistry focused on living organisms. Biochemistry includes the sciences of molecular biology, immunochemistry, and neurochemistry, as well as bioinorganic, bioorganic, and biophysical chemistry.

The biochemistry concentration at Shippensburg University is designed to prepare you for a career or graduate study in biochemistry and meets the recommended guidelines of both the American Society of Biological Chemists and the American Chemical Society.

Biological chemists in industry are interested in specific applications that will lead to marketable products, while those in academia or government labs conduct more basic and less applied research. Possible careers in Biochemistry:

  • Biotechnology
  • Crystallography
  • Forensic chemistry
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Oil and petroleum
  • Personal care chemistry

Annual salaries for PA biochemists range from $34,000 to $69,000.

Students interested in complementing their Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry must complete the Chemistry Core Curriculum plus an additional 7 credits in chemistry course work and a minimum of 15 credits in Allied Fields courses. See the Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.  

The Chemistry Club is a group of students who share a passion for Chemistry. One or more faculty advisors and four elected student officers lead this group of students. There are a lot of great educational and leisure activities for members to enjoy while making a difference around campus and the surrounding area. Best of all, funds are acquired through fundraisers so membership is free. Overall, it is a great opportunity to expand your leadership and to use your knowledge in Chemistry to help others.  

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