Coaching Minor

Shippensburg University’s coaching minor program empowers coaches to lead their teams to victories on and off the field. The minor prepares students on the mechanical, physiological, and psychological aspects of effective coaching. Students will gain practical experience to prepare them to work with athletes of all ages within a framework of safe and ethical coaching practices. The coaching minor is ideal for students interested in coaching in organized sports settings at all levels of competition.

Coach Emily Goshorn speaks with Shippensburg University softball players during a mound visit

Why Study Coaching at Ship?

The coaching minor at Shippensburg University prepares you to work with athletes at multiple competitive levels, ranging from recreational to collegiate sport. This is ideal for anyone interested in becoming employed as a coach by a school district. It is also helpful for anyone who intends to work within a recreational or leisure sport environment involving athletics.

Many of our students enroll in the coaching minor to supplement their chosen major, which can be a stepping stone to many career options. For example:

  • Elementary education and secondary education majors who minor in coaching are trained to teach during the day and coach after school.
  • Biology majors who select the coaching minor have gone on to graduate school to study exercise physiology after graduation from Shippensburg University.
  • Psychology majors with a coaching minor have gone on to graduate school in sport psychology.
  • Business majors with the coaching minor have gone on to graduate school in sport management and marketing.

This minor does not prepare teachers to teach physical education classes in a school setting.

Coaching Minor Requirements

The coaching minor is open to undergraduate, graduate, and non-matriculating students. Interested students must have a GPA of 2.0 or above to be admitted into the program.

The minor is 18 credits across six courses. Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses to complete the minor successfully. The five required courses are:

  • ESC 243: Physiological Basis of Sport
  • ESC 244: Mechanical Analysis of Sports Skills
  • ESC 325: Sport Psychology
  • ESC 340: Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
  • ESC 400: Methods of Coaching

 Students must also take one elective course from the following options:

  • ESC 207: Stress Management
  • ESC 213: Organization & Administration in Health, Fitness, and Sports Facilities
  • ESC 387: Theory & Practice of Power & Agility Training
  • SOC 275: Sociology of Sport & Leisure

Exercise science majors may also complete the coaching minor. As a major, you will only need to complete ESC 325, ESC 400, and two elective courses. Non-exercise science majors may also double minor in coaching and exercise science. Students need to complete 12 additional credits across four courses to earn both minors.

ESC 400 Methods of Coaching is the capstone course within the coaching minor program. The course consists of time in the classroom and a supervised field experience in a sports setting (minimum of 40 hours during the semester). As part of preparing for your field experience, students will obtain the following certifications prior to enrolling in the course:

  • First Aid Certification
  • CPR Certification
  • PA Child Abuse History
  • PA Criminal Record Check
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Test
  • FBI Clearance
  • CardiacWise Certification
  • Concussion Management Certification

Students in the coaching minor may also complete the Power, Agility, and Group Exercise (PAGE) Certificate. This program is an ideal complement and allows students to expand their knowledge and skillset within these content areas. Coaching minors can complete the PAGE Certificate by completing an additional six credits across two courses with a grade of a C or higher. The two required courses are:

  • ESC 348: Group Exercise Techniques & Leadership
  • ESC 387: Theory & Practice of Power & Agility Training

Information about declaring a minor is available through the Registrar's Office.

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