Ethnic Studies Minor

The ethnic studies minor is intended to complement students' majors, broadening their fields of study, and providing additional options for careers. The program is designed to help you meet the following goals:

  • Develop critical and independent thinking about race and ethnicity
  • Promote multidisciplinary approach to address topics within the framework of race and ethnicity
  • Comprehend and increase awareness on racial issues in connection with social justice

Why Study Ethnic Studies at Ship?

Ethnic studies is an undergraduate multicultural and interdisciplinary program at Shippensburg University that offers a broad and intense course of study of the various ethnic groups in the United States. When taking courses in the ethnic studies program, you will be encouraged to develop concepts and theories that help to clarify attitudes about people of other cultures. Through understanding and appreciating others' cultures, you can gain an understanding of the multiple realities of our complex and culturally diverse society.

Our students take courses and participate in activities that emphasize the interpretation and understanding of the cultural experiences of ethnic groups in America, as well as focus on significant issues and challenges related to cultural diversity and human understanding. As a result, you will be better prepared to be a good worker, neighbor, community member, and family member in our increasingly multicultural society.

Career Opportunities

The minor in ethnic studies enhances employment opportunities in such professions as:

  • Business
  • Civil service
  • Education
  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Social work

The minor also provides additional options for graduate school.

The average salary for people with a background in ethnic studies in Pennsylvania is $54,000.

Minor Requirements

The ethnic studies curriculum is interdisciplinary because the study of ethnic groups cannot be confined to one discipline or perspective. Different perspectives through different disciplines add to greater human understanding.

The ethnic studies minor requires a minimum of 18 credits. Students must complete three core courses:

  • ETH100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • ETH101 Introduction to African American Studies
  • ETH102 Introduction to Latino Studies

You may choose the remaining credits from a list of approved electives that represent a variety of disciplines. For a complete list of electives, see the undergraduate catalog.

To acquire a certificate in ethnic studies, you must take ETH100 (Introduction to Ethnic Studies) and three of the approved elective courses.

Student Groups

Ethnic studies minors who want the opportunity to put theories about multiculturalism into practice may choose to become involved in the numerous activities and programs offered under the auspices of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. The office strives to expose students to individuals and experiences that will enhance their awareness of self and culture.

Contact Information

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