German Studies Minor

The focus of the German Studies Minor at Shippensburg University is both on the exposure to the language to gain proficiency and on knowledge of the historical, cultural, and political background of Germany.

You must complete 18 credits (12 required, 6 electives) to earn this minor. All upper-level courses are taught in German.

The undergraduate catalog provides specific course details.

Learning German helps you communicate more effectively, providing more opportunities in a diverse job market. This minor is a great asset for students seeking careers in such fields as:

  • Services (health, international organizations, volunteering)
  • Industry (import/export, marketing and advertising, overseas investments)
  • Government (foreign service, department of state, FBI, CIA, homeland security)

You may also join the German Club, a student-run organization with the primary goal of supporting interest in the German language, history, and culture. No prior knowledge of the language is required to join, but if you speak German, you will find club members on different levels to practice and converse with. The club has monthly meetings, movie nights, and other German cultural events like trips and celebrations for Easter, Christmas and Oktoberfest.

Information about declaring a minor is available through the Registrar’s Office.