Undergraduate Admission Process & Requirements

Shippensburg students are a cut above the rest. Most of our entering freshmen have SAT or ACT scores above the national average, but in our admissions decision, we also consider your class rank, grade point average, and performance in your college prep, AP, or IB courses.

Step 1: Complete Your Ship Application

Start or finish your application to Shippensburg University.

Step 2: Submit Required Documents


  • High school transcripts must be sent by your school counselor directly to our Office of Admissions.
    • Accepted first-year students will also be required to submit their final high school transcript and accepted transfer students will be required to submit a transcript of all courses completed and grades.
  • GED results must be sent directly from Department of Education to our Office of Admissions.

Standardized Test Scores

  • You must submit at least one set of scores from the SAT I: Reasoning Test or the ACT. Arrangements should be made with your school counselor to take the SAT or ACT during your junior or senior year, and please list Shippensburg University’s codes on your SAT/ACT registration: SAT=2657; ACT=3714. This allows your testing center to automatically send your scores to us electronically, but if you did not indicate Shippensburg University on your test registration, please have your high school counselor send your scores to our Office of Admissions.
    • SAT: You must submit one set of scores from the SAT Test for admission review inclusive of all two-digit sub-set scores for placement purposes. The essay portion is optional but we encourage applicants to take this section for placement purposes. Find more information regarding SAT scores.
    • ACT: If you are taking the ACT, we encourage you to complete its optional writing test for placement purposes.
  • If you graduated from high school more than two years ago, you are exempt from submitting standardized test scores, but you may be required to take Placement Testing.

The time to process your application can be reduced if your transcript and your SAT or ACT scores are submitted together directly from your high school.


  • If you are applying for the fall semester, we recommend you submit all application materials, including your non-refundable application fee of $45*,  early in your senior year of high school or as soon as possible before the start of our fall semester.
  • If you are applying for the spring semester, we recommend you submit all application materials as soon as possible before the start of our spring semester.

*Shippensburg University subscribes to the CEEB fee waiver program. This program provides waivers for those students for whom the fee is judged a hardship. Students should request submission of the fee waiver form through their school counselor.