Cost of Attendance

Your total cost of attendance will vary depending on whether you are enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree program. It will also depend on your state of residence. Generally speaking, Pennsylvania residents have a lower total cost of attendance. The total cost of attendance takes into account your tuition, fees, room and meal plan (costs you will be billed for), and books, transportation, and other out-of-pocket expenses (which are not included on your bill).

Find out more about attendance costs for students living on campus, off campus, and commuting.

Net Price Calculator

If you are still a year or two away from college, you may want to do some early planning to determine what college may cost. The NET PRICE CALCULATOR will give you an additional estimate of the net cost of Shippensburg (total costs less aid) based on previous years' aid awards. This is an estimate only, and is not a binding agreement.

College Navigator

For information on colleges and universities across the country, use the "College Navigator" hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics at