Dual Admissions

Dual Admissions is a free program designed to ensure seamless enrollment from an associate degree program at a community college to a bachelor’s degree program at Shippensburg University. We currently maintain six Dual Admissions Programs with community colleges in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

To find out more about the community colleges with which Shippensburg has Dual Admissions Programs, click below.

How do I enroll?

First complete the Dual Admissions Enrollment Form (available at links below) as well as the Dual Admissions Application. These documents may also be available through the transfer/advising office at your community college.

Return the dual admission enrollment form and Shippensburg University application to your community college advisor and/or dual admission coordinator.

You may apply for the program as early as your senior year in high school but no later than the completion of 30 college-level credits at your community college.

Does this program guarantee me acceptance into Shippensburg and my major?

You must maintain continuous enrollment at your community college and meet all SU admissions requirements, including grade point average, for your intended major to be accepted. Click here for a list of these admissions requirements.

What are the benefits of Dual Admissions?

  • Be assured a place in your major at SU, provided you meet the GPA requirements for that major.
  • The $45 application fee is waived when you apply.
  • Continue your education close to home.
  • Take advantage of low tuition at both institutions.
  • Earn an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree from two nationally recognized institutions.
  • Out-of-state students who enroll in a Dual Admissions Program and earn an associate degree at their community college qualify for a reduced out-of-state tuition. See you advisor for details.
  • Receive clear semester-by-semester academic advising without wasting time and money on college-level course that do not transfer.
  • Have access to library and other campus facilities at both colleges by receiving a special Dual Admissions ID card.

Who will advise me?

Your community college and Ship advisors and you will collaboratively select courses each semester. You will also receive advising guides indicating which courses you can take at your community college for both your associate's and bachelor's degrees.

  • Course Equivalencies for all Dual Admit community colleges - [link] 

When do I enroll at Shippensburg University?

Every semester that you are enrolled in the Dual Admissions Program, the Admissions Office at Ship will receive a updated copy of your community college transcript. The semester prior to transferring, your application file will be reviewed for admission.

If accepted, the Dean of Admissions will send you a letter of admission along with a transcript evaluation and confirmation packet. Return the enclosed confirmation form with your deposit check of $100 if you are a commuter student or $300 if you are a residential student.

After the confirmation form and deposit are received, Admissions will mail you additional information about Orientation and the start of the semester. The College that houses your major will develop your upcoming semester schedule.