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Your First Year at SHIP

Welcome to SHIP! As a first-year student, you are beginning what promises to be a new, exciting journey. In one sense, your first year is your most important year in college. During your first year, you will lay the foundation for what type of a student you will be; you will have the opportunity to explore new areas of study and develop new areas of interest; you will establish lasting friendships; and the grades you earn in your first year will determine the options for majors and programs of study that are open to you. Being a college student is about more than just going to class and studying. We encourage you to get involved on campus and to develop healthy, supportive friendships. Keys to enriching your college experience will be to: (1) Get off to a good start; (2) Keep focused on your goals; and, (3) Maximize use of available resources. The information on this website will help you become familiar with the programs, policies, and resources of the university so you can make appropriate decisions about your educational experiences and enjoy a successful journey.


FAQs for First-Year Students
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Making the Most of Your First Year at Ship