SU Alumni Association

Role of the Board Member

The Alumni Association Board of Directors advises on policy and programs and provides feedback and offers suggestions to the university administration.

Ongoing work includes: 

  • Recommending members for leadership positions
  • Assisting in the selection of award recipients
  • Planning special local and regional events
  • Supporting Student Alumni Ambassador and Career Connections
  • Providing policy advice for the Alumni Association organization structure
  • Supporting legislative efforts
  • Participating on ad-hoc and standing committees
  • Assisting with communication tools and methods.


The Board of Directors establishes Alumni Association policy. There are 22 voting members each serving four year terms. Six are elected each year by the Board of Directors. There are three elected officers: President, Immediate Past President, and President-elect. The Executive Director of University Relations serves as Executive Director, Secretary/Treasurer. The President of the University is an ex officio non-voting member.