Career Mentoring Network

As an alumnus of Shippensburg University there are two ways that you can be involved with the Alumni Mentoring Network. You can "Get Advice" or "Give Advice."


  • Answer questions about specific career fields
  • Talk with students individually or speak to a class or club
  • Offer a 1 day shadowing opportunity or internships
  • Provide a resume critique or conduct a practice interview with a student

If you are interested in assisting students and alumni with career related questions you can register on the Alumni Mentoring Network by logging onto  SHIP CAREER CONNECT and create a profile. All of your contact information (including email address) is kept private and you can only be contacted via the website. View Instructions.


How can YOU benefit? Find other alumni that may assist in your own career transitions including changing jobs or career paths. Those in the network can offer advice and possible job or career leads.

Where can I find the list of alumni volunteers? The database of alumni volunteers can be accessed by visiting  SHIP CAREER CONNECT. Complete the online registration creating an Access ID/password. From this site, click "Search for Mentors". Career Profiles may be searched by city, state, employer, job type, degree, or activities. You will see a list of names that fit your criteria - click on a name to review the individual profile. Note: leave the search criteria blank to review all career profiles.

Who can visit the Mentoring Network web site and can I contact more than one alumnus? Any SU alum may visit the site to review Alumni Career Profiles. We actively encourage and recruit additional alumni to complete profiles so please check back and revisit the Mentoring Network often. You are encouraged to contact more than one alumnus to increase the likelihood of making a meaningful connection with the most appropriate person to meet your needs/interests.

Hints and Tips when contacting other SU alumni.


  • Be courteous and professional at all times. People are devoting their time to assisting you.
  • Make sure that all emails are formal. Be sure to address the person as Dear Mr. Smith or Dear Ms. Smith.
  • Use an easily identifiable subject line in all email correspondence.
  • Have questions prepared to ask so that you are prepared when you initiate contact with the alum.
  • Be patient and follow up after the alum replies to your email. Send an email thank you at the conclusion of correspondence.


  • Use the mentoring network for anything except for career related information gathering.
  • Expect anything from anyone. Those you are contacting don't "owe" you anything.
  • Don't use slang, smiley faces or other informal communication or terminology.