International Management Concentration

American firms, large and small, have the opportunity to participate in worldwide business ventures, whether through exporting, importing, international trade, or by manufacturing or setting up service operations overseas. These firms also face the challenges of competition from foreign companies who either export to or build facilities in the United States.

The international management concentration provides students with a better grasp of these opportunities and challenges and facilitates functioning in an international environment. The program provides exposure to the cultures of various countries, development of a competence in at least one foreign language, and training in a broad range of management and business theories and skills relevant to international operations.

About International Management
B.S.B.A. Core Requirements
B.S.B.A. Worksheet/Flow Chart/Suggested Program Plan/Others Forms
Course Descriptions (SU Undergraduate Catalog, Section 3)

Required Courses

  • MGT340  Human Resource Management
  • MGT370  International Business
  • MGT470  International Management
  • MKT360  International Marketing

Electives (Select two of the following courses)

  • ANT220  Anthropology for International Studies*
  • ECO321  International Economics: Policy
  • ECO325  Globalization: Issues & Policies
  • FIN425    Global Financial Management
  • GEO101  World Geography*
  • MGT349  International Human Resource Management
  • MGT380  Global Business Exploration Program I
  • MGT381  Global Business Exploration Program II
  • PLS141   Introduction to International Relations*
    * Only one of these courses may be counted as a major elective course.

Required General Education
Twelve credits in one modern language and beyond the beginning level (other than one of the literature courses) shall be elected by the student. All four courses must be taught in the selected language. At least one commercial course (e.g., FRN215, GER215, SPN250) shall be among the four courses selected by the student. Students in International Management must achieve an intermediate level on the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Oral Proficiency Interview. This competency examination must be completed no later than the end of the junior year (90 credits).

Career Opportunities
The program prepares students for job opportunities in multinational corporations or smaller firms with international operations. The program also provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of graduate study.

For additional information: S.U. Undergraduate Catalog (See Section 2, John L. Grove College of Business)
and for Course Descriptions (See Section 3).