SU Anchor Consulting

Anchor Consulting provides local companies within Southern Pennsylvania logistic solution services which promote leadership effectiveness, continuous improvement, and growth internally and externally. Both Sustainability and consistency are critical factors in any firms success, and these factors are addressed by Anchor Consulting after a strategic analysis is performed and strategic measures are implemented.

In strategic management class we use a strong business foundation (e.g. management, marketing, finance, accounting, HR) to provide students tools for planning and analysis. The Strategy Implementation class was established to allow students to apply their skills to actual projects.  Students benefit from combining their problem-solving skills and functional knowledge to complete a project for an outside concern. As the instructor of the class, I find that when I don’t micro-manage them and give the project team responsibility, they exceed my expectations. 

 For the past several years, students have been engaged in a variety of projects including: 

  •       Planning for a student lounge in Grove Hall
  •       Increasing enrollment plan for the College
          of Business
  •       Increasing revenue for a law firm
  •       Strategic plan for a computer hardware firm
  •       Fundraising and awareness-raising for
          men’s health issues
  •       Facilities plan for a vocational school

We are now taking this class to the next level by offering consulting services to firms and organizations.  SU Consulting is formally launching in the Spring of 2016 and will offer comprehensive strategic planning along with customer-specific analysis and recommendations. We look forward to working with your organization.