Chemistry Club

The SU Chemistry Club is a group of students who share a passion for Chemistry. This group of students is led by one or more faculty advisors and four elected student officers. There are a lot of great educational and leisure type activities for members to enjoy while making a difference around campus and the surrounding area. Best of all, funds are acquired through fundraisers so membership is free. Overall, it is a great opportunity to expand your leadership and to use your knowledge in Chemistry to help others.


Co-Faculty Advisor
Dr. Jeb Kegerreis
Co-Faculty Advisor
Dr. Tom Frielle
Dakotah Biller
Vice President
Megan Doleschal
Elizabeth Manickas
Rachel Shaffer


We participate in and plan a number of activities and services throughout the academic year. Our primary goal is to provide service to the campus community in the form of free tutoring hours for students enrolled in classes in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. This year there were also several outreach programs where SU students traveled to local high schools and elementary schools to help students and to raise their interest in science. We also participated in the National Chemistry Week celebration at the Whitaker Center for Science in Harrisburg by hosting chemistry demos for children.

Aside from our service activities, the Chemistry Club also hosts social events where members can relax and spend time with fellow students. We have an annual fall picnic in the Seavers pavilion to kick off the fall semester and a corresponding spring picnic to celebrate a year of hard work and to say goodbye to graduating seniors. This year we had our second annual pumpkin carving night which turned out to be a lot of fun and a good opportunity to exercise the right half of our brains. We also took a field trip to Troeg's Brewery to learn about the biochemistry behind brewing and manufacturing processes utilized for production.

Students in Action

ChemClub2016-1Our activity schedule is planned and organized by the students in the chemistry club and new ideas are always welcome! Don't be shy, come join us!