Graduate Internships

The Communication Studies program offers its graduate students the opportunity to pursue professional working experiences by taking a 3-credit internship. Internships require graduate students to be enrolled in the Communication Studies program, have taken at least two courses, and be able to work 120 hours on site to complete the internship. 

Graduate students must contact Professor Witmer and complete the internship "Letter of Agreement."

The following signatures are required on the Letter of Agreement:

  1. Student completing the internship
  2. Organization supervisor where internship will occur
  3. Faculty member selected by the student to supervise the internship
  4. Department's internship coordinator - Stephanie Witmer
  5. Submit the completed form to the department sescretary, Francine Smith, by the end of the semester prior to the semester the internship will begin. (The department secretary will get the Department Chair's signature and take the form to the Deans Office.)
    • Deadline for Spring Semester Internships - December 1st
    • Deadline for Fall and Summer Semester Internships - May 1st