Graduate Assistantships

In addition to positions available within the Department of Communication and Journalism, Shippensburg University offers financial assistance to graduate students through employment of graduate assistantships (GAs) across campus. Appointments can provide students the opportunity to work in professionally-related environments with faculty and administrators.

Depending on the characteristics of a position and funding, GAs can be paid, provide tuition waivers, or both. The university strongly recommends that graduate students seek out GAs based on the idea that employers think highly of prospective employees who have worked while completing their master's program. 

For more information on GAs, visit the graduate studies webpage on GAs.


Student Payroll Positions

Student Payroll Positions (SPPs) are hourly, minimum wage positions. In contrast to graduate assistant positions, SPPs do not require graduate students to be enrolled during the semester of employment. Student's may work up 2 SPPs per semester, or 1 SPP in addition to 1 GA position.

For more information on SPPs, visit the graduate studies webpage on SPPs.