Read below to find out information on each of SUTV's departments. As a member of SUTV you can choose to participate in as many or as few departments as you like. We encourage our members to participate in more than one department to help diversify their skills. Anyone interested in joining the SUTV staff should contact the general manager or a department producer at (717) 477-1703. All SU students, in any major, are welcome to join SUTV.


News Department

SUTV News is a weekly news program produced and aired entirely by students. Every show covers issues important to the Shippensburg campus as well as the surrounding community.

Students get the opportunity to learn hands on the basics of producing, reporting, editing, television photography, and studio operation. Because of Shippensburg's unique opportunity to own a live truck, live shots and live event coverage are also a part of news and sports programming.

Sports Department

If you are looking for the action packed excitement of sports that matters to you, SportsForum is exactly what you have been waiting for. This fifteen minute weekly sports show has in depth coverage of the sports events that matter to you. Whether it is what's happening with the Shippensburg Red Raiders or our very own local Shippensburg High School sports, SportsForum is there to cover it. SportsForum is the only place where you can find both Shippensburg collegiate and high school sports, covered by the ones who are willing to go that extra mile to give you the information you want, every week.

Are you sure what career you wish to pursue? With so much out there it is hard to know what exactly to do, but the SUTV sports department offers you an opportunity to get a hands on look at what it is like in the area of sports broadcasting. We will train you how to use cameras, editing equipment and much more. Join in on the fun and try something that many miss out on with the SUTV sports department!


Entertainment Department

The Entertainment Department currently produces two ½-hour shows that alternate weekly. We have a game show, Pass or Fail, which is similar to Jeopardy and features student contestants. Our other show, Inside Entertainment, is a movie review show.

In the past we have also done a sketch comedy show a few times each year similar to Saturday Night Live or MadTV.

If you just plain want to have fun, then entertainment is the place to be.