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Faculty Finds

Looking for some additional readings? Click below to read some suggested articles, as recomended by our faculty members.


"Three Words for the Critic in Your Head" and "Instructions for a Bad Day Video" [Kathryn Brooks]

"Requiem for a Therapist: A Tribute to Robin Williams" [Andy Carey]

"The Power of Sandplay" [Marcy Douglass]



"Journal of Bhutan Studies, Volume 26, Summer 2012" [Kurt Kraus]

Everyone, this article by Wangmo and Valk (2012) taught me lots about the Kingdom of Bhutan – a place that has become important to me for lots of reasons. I think, if you are interested enough to read this piece, it may give you sense of why I find it a captivating land. I’d be interested, if you wish, that you share your thoughts or impressions with me. E-mail me at . . . . As I will be writing a great deal about the intersection of Buddhism, Bhutan, Gross National Happiness, and Counseling while I’m in Bhutan next winter (spring and summer semesters), let me know if I can quote your thoughts (APA, personal communication) – I’m always intrigued by what others see when introduced to some of the cultural directions of this little nation hidden in the Himalayas. Enjoy.



"White Priviledge: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack" and "What My Bike Taught Me About White Priviledge" [Matthew Shupp]



"E-Cigarettes Under Fire" [Todd Whitman]

I'm intrigued by the dilemma of E-cigarettes as a way to reduce tobacco-related deaths but at the cost of having a new generation of mostly younger people become addicted to nicotine, in addition to as of yet unknown health risks associated with E-cigs. This link on WebMD showcases some of these discussions and provides good background knowledge about E-cigs and "vaping."

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