Professional Ethics

Every practicing counselor and counselor-in-training is obligated to uphold a code of ethics. It is the responsibility of the individual to be aware of what they say and the standards they uphold. Please take some time to educate yourself on the most current standards being held by professionals in the field by reading the .pdf's below. 

Insurance Information

Before students begin their practicum class, they are required to obtain liability insurance. Students are responsible for maintaining the coverage throughout their time in practicum, and field classes, and providing proof of coverage to the faculty supervisor. Do not let your coverage lapse.
For insurance information you can contact the following sites:

Mental Health counselors: ACA or NBCC ACA-1-800-347-6647 and NBCC-1-877-539-6372

School Counselors: 1-800-301-ASCA or ACPA  1-202-835-2272

CSP and College: NASPA 1-800-265-9366
ACA and ACPA include liability insurance for students in association membership.