Computer Science and Engineering Academic Programs

Our department offers five distinct programs: four undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree in computer science. Three of the undergraduate programs are related, but focused on different aspects of development.

Undergraduate Programs:

People in every field need someone who can write programs and deploy technology for them. Combining a minor in Computer Science with any other field is a great way to distinguish yourself and open new doors.

The minor requires only five courses (20 credits):

  • CSC110/106 Computer Science I : 4 credits
  • CSC111 Computer Science II : 4 credits
  • SWE200 Design Patterns or CMPE 220 Computer Organization : 4 credits
  • Two Electives from and of CSC (Computer Science), CMPE (Computer Engineering), or SWE (Software Engineering) at 300 or higher level : 8 credits

We offer a broad MS in Computer Science program that helps students pursue the discipline in more depth than an undergraduate degree. With foundation courses like Operating System and Algorithms combined with advanced courses in Software Engineering, High Performance Computing, and Data Visualization, graduates of this program will be able to lead software development in challenging applications.