The Office of Non-Traditional Student Services 

A non-traditional student is an adult student who is older than the traditional undergraduate, who has had a break in his/her formal learning experience and is now returning to the university or entering the university for the first time. These students have additional responsibilities not common in traditional undergraduates. They may be full time employees, primary breadwinners, caregivers for children or adults, veterans, or individuals returning to college after a break in their education. A non-traditional student can be enrolled full-time or part-time.  In excess of 600 non-traditional students are currently enrolled at Shippensburg University.

To learn more about non-traditional students at Shippensburg University, please watch our video

If you have any questions regarding Non-Traditional Students, please call  Janet McKeithan-Janifer, Associate Dean of Students and Director for Non-Traditional Student Services (717) 477-1661 or send an email to