SU Alert Emergency Message System in Operation

Shippensburg University’s Emergency Alert System is used to quickly alert the campus community in the event of a crisis or emergency that poses an immediate and life-threatening danger. All members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to register for the system so they will be alerted when appropriate.

Alerts will be sent to registered text devices, registered email addresses, and campus workstations. If an alert is sent, it is vital that you follow instructions in the message. The message length is limited but will provide needed information.

The system has multiple components of communication to keep you updated, including:

  • Text alert system
  • Email notification
  • Shippensburg University's website
  • University computers with Alertus software
  • University digital signage
  • Campus cable television
  • Shippensburg University’s Facebook and Twitter accounts

The university also has an outdoor public address system to provide alerts on campus and intercom systems in various buildings.

To receive texts and e-mail, login with your Ship email address and password. You may enter up to 3 mobile phone numbers and 2 e-mail addresses. Your Ship e-mail address is automatically registered. You will also need to add to the personal e-mail accounts you have registered in order to receive messages.

For your personal computer (PC or MAC), install the Alertus Emergency Notification program to receive alerts on your computer. University-owned computers are already configured with this software.

For registration assistance, please contact the Ship Help Desk at or (717) 477-4357.