Outstanding English Major


Every year, a student among the English department is chosen to receive the Outstanding English Major (OEM) recognition award. This award is given to a student that has demonstrated excellent academic endeavors and achievements within the English major.  

Read further for past OEMS. Find out where they are today and what being an English Major provided for them to succeed beyond our hallways. 

Anissa Freeman
OEM 2015

Anissa Freeman OEM 2015 


Anissa graduated in May 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education for English along with a Spanish minor. She believes the English Department has thoroughly prepared her for the job market with its essential lessons in critical thinking, solving problems, and collaborating with others. During her student teaching, Anissa remarks that it was her Introduction to Literature courses that helped inspire her lesson plans.

Anissa Freeman OEM Flyer

 Glory Sterling
OEM 2014

Glory Sterling OEM 2014


Glory is currently an eighth grade ELA teacher at Springfield Middle School in Williamsport, MD. After graduating in December 2013, she substitute taught the following spring semester in Greencastle and Waynesboro school districts and then was hired for a full time position in Washington County that fall. Glory believes her education, particularly her Methods of Teaching course, and successes at Shippensburg University prepared and enabled her to receive a full time position so quickly. 

Glory Sterling OEM Flyer

Sarah Montanari
OEM 2013

 Sarah Montanari OEM 2013



Sarah just finished her first year of teaching at her high school Alma Mater in New Jersey. She believes her most valuable experience to prepare her for the classroom was the opportunity to student teach in an urban high school. While the education-focused courses helped develop the teacher inside her, Sarah looks at the courses that were challenging and forced her to think critically in different perspectives, and it is now a skill she is instilling in her own students

Sarah Montanari OEM Flyer 

Jayda Coons
OEM 2012

Jayda Coons OEM 2012 photo


Jayda is a PhD student at the University of Arizona in the English Literature program. She earned her MA in English last year, and she also teaches first-year composition courses and have co-taught both general humanities and film courses. Jayda believes all the courses she took during her undergraduate years were valuable to her because she continues to draw upon the lessons they provided. She tends to pull the lessons from her literary courses. 

Jayda Coons OEM Flyer

Ted DeWald
OEM 2010

Ted DeWald OEM 2012



Immediately after graduation, Ted was hired by the Carlisle Area School District to teach 8th grade English. He worked there for three years before transferring to Shippensburg Area School where he currently teaches. Ted says teaching teenagers to read, write, and discuss is one of the central joys of his life. During his time at Shippensburg, he attended several undergraduate conferences that eventually helped prepare him to expand him beyond his own classrooms, and it was his professors here that demonstrated good instruction for him to draw upon later. 

Ted DeWald OEM Flyer