National Council of Teachers of English

Student Affiliate of Shippensburg University (SU-NCTE/SASU)


Advisors:  Erica Galioto, Associate Professor of English (; 717-477-1017)
Shannon Mortimore, Assistant Professor of English (; 717-477-1496)
Thomas Crochunis, Associate Professor of English (; 717-477-1031 )



Stay tuned for upcoming spring semester events.


PROFESSIONAL STANDING -- All secondary education majors must apply for Professional Standing at least one semester prior to enrolling in the Teaching English methods courses (EDU 422). Applications for Semester II need to be submitted to the Office of Field Services (Shippen Hall / 3rd floor / Office of Field Service). Applications are available online at:

INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANTS WANTED -- We are looking for possible Instructional Assistants who will assist our English professors with classes. By all accounts, our Instructional Assistants have learned much and are excited by the opportunity to play a professional role. Please note that such an opportunity will absorb part of your needed Field Experience I hours. For more information, immediately contact Richard Zumkhawala-Cook at

PRAXIS - You need to have all of your Pre-Service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) and PRAXIS English Language, Literature, & Composition (0041) tests completed before you student teach. Follow the links to get more information and register.

CERTIFICATION IN MARYLAND – For those of you who are want to teach in Maryland, the state requires all teachers to complete a minimum of 12 credits in reading, and one of those courses must be a Reading for English Language Learners courses.




In November 2015, the NCTE national conference will be held in Minneapolis, MN, from November 19-22. Check out the site for more information and plan to see your professors, cooperating teachers, and fellow students present their work:


In 2015, the PCTELA state-wide conference will be held on October 16 and 17 at the Harrisburg Hilton in Harrisburg, PA. Check out the organization's site for more information and plan to see your professors, cooperating teachers, and fellow students present their work: Contact Dr. Crochunis if you are interested in attending.


Level I Field Experiences require 30 hours observing or assisting in secondary-relevant, literacy-related educational settings. (Your classes in the special education and teacher education departments will also require additional hours that will allow you to meet a separate set of Level I requirements by completing course assignments.)

Several sites that are currently available are:

  See the certification program pages for detailed information on the requirements for these field experiences.


In 2001, the National Council of Teachers of English – Student Affiliation of Shippensburg University became recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) as one of only 19 student affiliations across North America.

The purpose and goals of the organization remain:

  1. To facilitate a community among pre-service and future teachers of English / Language Arts through field trips, service projects, and other community-building activities.
  2. To add opportunities to learn about teaching English/Language Arts beyond required courses. Meetings and seminars also provide a venue to share recommended texts, newly published reports, and web resources.
  3. To increase public relations in the English Certification program, e.g., websites, sponsored events, newsletters, and announcements.
  4. To enhance the ties between students and professional educational community, the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English / Language Arts (PCTELA), and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Our Constitution gives more information about our organization and its purpose.


If you are an English Certification student from freshman to senior, you will need to belong to the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and order a journal, English Journal or Voices from the Middle. Either journal is useful and packed with ideas that English teachers use daily . Go to NCTE's web site at for membership registration, teaching ideas, professional development opportunities, excerpts from publications, news around country, and curriculum materials.