Space and Event Request System

PDFs of instructions and processes

Request a Room Instructions with Screenshots



EMS home

or go to click on Event Planning

Log in with your Ship User name and ID


How to Request  Space for an Event


  • Click on “Reservations” to begin your request.
  •  Select the appropriate Request Form.
    Select form


Request Space and Enter Details of Your Event

When and Where
Where when

  • Select a date or a series of recurring dates

    • For recurring events, click Recurrence


      • Choose a start and end time
      • Select the pattern
      • Select the day or days of the pattern (e.g. Monday only, Monday and Wednesday, first Monday of each month, or random)
      • Choose the first date and the last date of the recurrence
      • Click Apply.
      • Select a start and end time
      • Setup and teardown time will be added by the Approver

Setup Information

  • Estimate the expected attendance
  • Select a desired setup.  All rooms have a standard set up.  Rooms that allow additional set ups will have have a set up question in the form.  You can also select room features to define your needs.
    Set up
  • Estimate the expected attendance
  • Select a desired setup

Filter by Room Type

Room type

  • Click “Find Space”
    Only spaces that can hold the number of expected attendees, can accommodate the requested setup, and are available on the date and at the time indicated will be displayed.
    Find Space
  • Click “List” to see the room schedule(s) in a list view.

    Room list
  • Click on the green and white “plus” sign to select single or multiple rooms.

    Select room
  • Click “View” to read the terms and conditions of using space at Shippensburg. If you agree, check the box and click “Continue.”

Event Information

  • Fields with a red asterisk * are required
  • Complete all other fields as needed.
  • Add Event name and select meeting type
    Event name

Select a group

You must select a group or organization.  DO NOT select your name as the group.  New users should use search to select the group you are scheduling the event for.  EMS will build a directory of groups you schedule.   You can select from the list rather than search for additional requests.

  • Users need to be associated with an organization in order for requests to be processed
  •  Click on the magnifying glass next to the Group field
    Group details
  • Please Search for the organization you are scheduling this event for.  Typing the first letters of the groups name will make it easier to find.
    Search group

Select Contact

Use Search to find your name for first time user. Select from "Current 1st" if you are scheduling for yourself after your first time.


Complete additional details


Event Equipment and Setup Needs

Please note that the event equipment details are different for each request form.  The image below is only an example.

Equipment Selection

 Click “Submit”