Forms for Faculty and Staff

Human Resources Forms

IMPORTANT: Forms on this page are stored in Adobe's PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view, fill-in, and print these forms. You can download  the newest version of Acrobat free from Adobe's website. Forms open in new window. Close window to return to this page.  Pop-up Blocker will prevent the forms from displaying. You can change blocker settings in your browsers tools.To fill out forms -- open form, complete, "save as" with a new name to your files.

Employment Forms

  • Job Application Form - Administrative / Management and Support Staff - [ PDF] [ DOC]
    (Please remember to sign and date your application form before returning it to Human Resources)

Appraisal Instruments

  • Staff Performance Appraisal forms for AFSCME, OPEIU, PDA, PSSU, SPFPA  [PDF] 
  • Coaches Performance Appraisal form  [PDF] 
  • Management Performance & Reward Program form - [ PDF] [ DOC]
  • SCUPA Annual Performance Appraisal form  [PDF] 
  • SCUPA Probationary Evaluation Form  [PDF] 

Background Checks 


  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form [ PDF]
  • Tax-Sheltered Annuity Program Salary Reduction Agreement - [ PDF]
  • Employee Information - [PDF] 
  • W-4 [ PDF]

Health Coverage

  • Healthcare Enrollment or Change Form (Fac., Mgmt., SPFPA, Coaches, Nurses) - [ PDF]
  • Healthcare Enrollment or Change Form (AFSCME, SCUPA and PSSU) can be found here  

Flexible Spending Accounts

Statement of Financial Interest

  • Management Directive 205.10 AB  Policies and Procedures for Filing Financial Interests Statement [ PDF]
  • Here is the link provided from the State Ethics Commission for obtaining a blank form to complete: Statement of Financial Interests
  • Statement of Financial Interests Form Tips [ PDF]

Other HR Forms

  • ADA Accommodations Request Form - [ PDF]
  • ADA Accommodations Summary - [ PDF]
  • Add Compensation - [ PDF]
  • Add Compensation Instructions - [ PDF]
  • Clearance Info for Faculty/Staff Assigned to Grace B. Luhrs Elementary School - [ PDF]
  • Dual Employment - [ PDF]
  • Employee Name Change Request Form - [ PDF]
  • Employee Recognition Form - [ PDF]
  • Information Release - [ PDF]
  • Job Description Form - [ PDF]
  • Request to Donate Leave Form - [ PDF]
  • Request to Fill, Create, or Transfer Position - [ PDF]
  • Residency Certification Form - [ PDF]
  • Update your Campus Directory Information - [ PDF]
  • Wireless Communication Device Justification and Acknowledgement Request Form  ( PDF)

Random Campus ImagesSocial Equity Forms

PDF forms open in a new window. Close the window to return to this page. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view PDF links. You can download Acrobat free from Adobe's website.

Faculty Test Accommodations Forms

  • Office of Disability Services - [PDF]

Funding / Grant Proposals

  • RFP on Human Understanding - [PDF]
  • RFP on Human Relations - [PDF]

Search / Hiring Process Forms

  • Request to Fill, Create, or Transfer Position - [PDF]
  • Request to Advertise Position - [PDF]
  • Position Announcement Stationery - [PDF]
  • Position Vacancy Form - [PDF]
  • Pre-Employment Information Form - [PDF]
  • Check Sheet for Search Review and Reference Verification - [PDF]
  • English Fluency Evaluation - Full Time [PDF]
  • English Fluency Evaluation - Part Time [PDF]
  • Faculty Employment Recommendation - [PDF]
  • Checklist for Faculty Employment Recommendation - [PDF]
  • Request for Overnight Accommodations for Candidates - [PDF]
  • Request for Reimbursement of Candidate's Expenses - [PDF]
  • Post Interview Questionnaire - [PDF]
  • Search Committee Compliance Report - [PDF]
  • Sample Letter for Receipt of Application and Resume [PDF]
  • Pre-Campus Interview Checklist [PDF]
  • Faculty Application Screening Instrument [PDF]
  • Faculty Interviewing Instrument [PDF]
  • Information Guidelines for Reimbursement of Candidate Expenses [PDF]
  • Sample Rejection Letter [PDF]
  • Information Release Authorizaion [PDF]
  • Internal Search and Selection Committee Compliance Report [PDF]

Other Forms

  • Request for Approval of Absence for Professional Service or Observance of Religious Holiday [PDF]
  • Harassment Complaint Form [PDF]
  •  Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Incident Report Form [PDF]

Purchasing Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Public Documents

 Internal Documents

The following forms and documents can be accessed in myShip.  Under the Employee tab select Services and Policies. 

  • SAP Training Material 
  • SAP FAQ 
  • Mail Services Reference Guide 
  • Travel Card Policy & Procedures 
  • Travel Card FAQ 
  • Travel Card Request Form 
  • Travel Request Form 
  • Travel Expense Voucher 
  • Purchasing Handbook 
  • Procurement Card Manual 

Research Guidance and Forms

Items to Include with Application

Items to include with applications are: 

  1. LIST OF INVESTIGATORS: If you are collaborating on the research, please include a list of all investigators on the project with contact information for each.
  2. INFORMED CONSENT: Whether you are obtaining informed consent verbally or in writing, you must submit a copy of the form. This form must clearly explain ALL possible risks and will assure the subjects/participants that they are free to withdraw from the study/experiment/project at any time without penalty.
    • Informed Consent for adult research subjects/participants will include:  I acknowledge that I am at least eighteen years old, and that I understand my rights as a research participant as outlined in the consent form.  I acknowledge that my participation is fully voluntary.
    • Written informed consent is required of parent or legal guardian of all subjects less than eighteen years of age, whether or not the minor child will be exposed to risk. If minor subjects/participants are in the fifth grade or higher, assent must be signed as well.
  3. INSTRUMENT(S): The instrument(s) is the questionnaire or items you are collecting from your research participants. The instrument(s) may be quantitative, qualitative, or a mix of both. It is important to note that applications cannot be reviewed without your instrument(s). Even if you are conducting qualitative research, you need to provide a list of the planned, open-ended questions.
  4. AGENCY LETTER OF SUPPORT: If you are going through an outside source to obtain access to your sample, you will need to provide a letter from the agency, organization, etc. on their letterhead outlining that you are being given permission to conduct your research through them.
  5. FACULTY LETTER OF SUPPORT (For all Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research): A supporting letter from the faculty advisor must be included if the application proposes research to be completed by a student researcher. If a faculty member assigns research projects to members of a class (e.g., research methods courses,  research seminars) AND the faculty member submits all class applications in aggregate, one letter of faculty support and oversight will suffice for this purpose. The faculty advisor is expected to review the completed packet of materials before it is submitted to the Committee for review. It is recommended that faculty members submit the application packet on behalf of their student(s) as a way to be sure that they are certain on materials being submitted under their direction.
  6. OTHER MATERIALS: Any additional items you feel will aid the Committee in making a decision. Often, this includes attaching the Methods section of the paper, grant application, etc.

In addition, the Committee may require further information about the proposed research project; or it may request the investigator to attend a meeting to supply additional information or answer questions posed by the research. After the review is completed, the investigator will be notified of the Committee action in writing (i.e., e-mail). Formal acceptance letters are available upon request (e.g., for inclusion with grant proposals).

The application form must be completed and saved in order to send it along with all supportive documentation to the appropriate Co-Chairperson of the Committee on Research with Human Subjects. Please refer to the column on the right-side of the webpage for information regarding to whom to send your completed application packet.

IMPORTANT:  The form on this page is stored in Adobe's PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view, fill-in, and print the form. You can download  the newest version of Acrobat free from Adobe's website.  The form open in new window. Close window to return to this page.  Pop-up Blocker will prevent the form from displaying.  You can change blocker settings in your browsers tools.

Do not forget to save the completed application before closing out. A dialogue box will not appear asking whether you want to save recently typed information. Therefore, it is suggested that you click on the link below and immediately save the form when it opens. Another method to saving the form is to do the following before you click on the link below: Right-click on the link below. Then select 'Save Target As'. Save the form. Then, you can open the copy that you just saved and type your application. But again, be sure to click save often as we cannot review packets without this form completed. 


You will need Adobe Acrobat to view, fill-in, and print PDF files. You can download Acrobat free from Adobe's website.

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