Jantz Faculty ImageClaire A. Jantz

Office: 116 Shearer Hall
Phone: 717-477-1399
Email: cajant@ship.edu
Homepage: http://clairejantz.wordpress.com/

Curriculum Vitae: download as pdf 


Ph.D. (2005) Geography, University of Maryland
MA (2000) Geography, University of Maryland
BA (1997) College Scholars, University of Tennessee


I came to Shippensburg University in 2005, just after completing my PhD in Geography at the University of Maryland. My research interests include ecological effects of land use change (and landscape change in general), land use change modeling, spatial analysis and GIS, and urban geography. On a regular basis, I teach Geo 101: World Geography, Ess 108: Conservation of Natural Resources, Geo 244: Land Use, Geo 322: Urban Geography, and a graduate course in land use change science. I am the internship coordinator for the Geography & Earth Science department, and the director of the Center for Land Use and Sustainability.

I am an active researcher, and my primary area of focus has been on the use of maps derived from remote sensing, GIS analysis, and urban modeling to track and forecast urban growth. Much of this work has a regional focus in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and the Delaware River Basin, which has given me the opportunity to collaborate with hydrologists, water resource scientists and managers who are involved in watershed planning and restoration efforts. I currently lead a project to develop a land use mapping and modeling system for the Delaware River Basin.

Recently I have expanded my research interests to Latin America, investigating nitrate mining in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile and Aymara village abandonment and wetland change in the Andes of northern Chile with Dr. Paul Marr. I have also collaborated with anthropologist Dr. Richard Jantz (my father) on the ecogeography of Native Americans. Finally, as a hobbyist beekeeper, I participate in HoneyBeeNet, a NASA project that uses data about honeybee activity as an ecological indicator of climate change.

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Urban geography and land use
  • Land cover/land use change science
  • GIS and Spatial Analysis


  • GEO 101 World Geography
  • ESS 108 Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Geo 244 Land Use
  • GEO 322 Urban Geography
  • Geo 533 Science of Land Use Change

Selected Publications

** indicates student co-authors

Jantz, C.A. S.A. Drzyzga, and **M. Maret (2014). Calibrating and validating a simulation model to identify drivers of urban land cover change in the Baltimore, MD metropolitan region. Land. 3(3): 1158-1179; doi:10.3390/land3031158.

Jantz, C.A. **H.K. Kubach, **J.R. Ward, **S. Wiley, and **D. Heston (2014). Assessing land use changes due to natural gas mining operations in the Marcellus Shale formation in Bradford County, PA. Geographical Bulletin 55(1): 18-35.

Jantz, C.A. and **J.J. Manuel (2013). Estimating impacts of population growth and land use policy on ecosystem services: A community-level case study in Virginia, USA. Ecosystem Services, 5: 110-123.

Ciavola, S.J., C.A. Jantz, J. Reilly, and G. Moglen (2012). Forecast changes in runoff quality and quantity in the DelMarVa peninsula. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 10:1061-

**Duxbury, B. and C.A. Jantz. (2011) Urban revitalization and neighborhood dynamics in Harrisburg, PA, 2006-2011. Middle States Geographer 44: 65-73.

Goetz, S.J., C.A. Jantz, M. Sun (2011). Forecasting future land use and hydrology: a case study of the Upper Delaware Watershed. Watershed Science Bulletin. Fall issue: 18-26.

Jantz, C.A. (2011). The dynamic hinterland of New York City: the transition from farming to watershed protection in Delaware County, NY. Middle States Geographer 44: 9-17.

McConnell, W.J, J.D.A. Millington, N.J. Reo, M. Alberti, H. Asbjornsen, L.A. Baker, N. Brozović, L.E. Drinkwater, S.A. Drzyzga, J. Fragoso, D.S. Holland, C.A. Jantz, T.A. Kohler, H.D.G. Maschner, M. Monticino, G. Podestá, R.G. Pontius, Jr., C.L. Redman, D. Sailor, G. Urquhart, and J. Liu. (2011). Research on coupled human and natural systems (CHANS): Approach, challenges, and strategies. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 92 (2): 218-228.

Jantz, C.A., S.J. Goetz, P. Claggett, and D. Donato (2010). Modeling regional patterns of urbanization in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 34:1-16.

Selected Presentations

Jantz, C.A., P.G. Marr and **A. Moats (2014). Monitoring the degradation of cultural resources: a case study at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Pioneer America Society annual meeting. October 9-11. Oklahoma City, OK. National conference.

Marr, P.G. and C.A. Jantz (2013). Rural gas station reuse in south-central Pennsylvania. Pioneer America Society annual conference. October 9-12, 2013. Utica, NY. National conference.

Jantz, C.A., S.A. Drzyzga, and **M. Maret (2012). Calibrating, validating, and forecasting with the SLEUTH urban growth model in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Association of American Geographers annual meeting. Feb. 24-28, 2012. New York, NY. National conference.

Session organizer for “SLEUTH Symposium (sessions I, II, III): After 15 years with the SLEUTH model, what we’ve learned and where we’re headed.” Feb. 24-28, 2012. Association of American Geographers annual meeting. New York, NY. National conference.

Jantz, C.A., S.A. Drzyzga, C. Welty, M. Maret**, G. Frederick**, and B. Ritter** (2011). Complexity in urban systems: the Baltimore metropolitan region as a laboratory for understanding coupled human and natural systems. Association of American Geographers annual meeting. April 12-16, 2011. Seattle, WA. National conference.

Drzyzga, S.A., C.A. Jantz, C. Welty, M. Maret**, G. Frederick**, and B. Ritter** (2011). The space-time evolution of commuter flows in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region (1970-2010) and the need to model land use change as a function of competitiveness. Association of American Geographers annual meeting. April 12-16, 2011. Seattle, WA. (poster presentation) National conference.

Maret, M**, C.A. Jantz and S.A. Drzyzga (2011). Using the SLEUTH urban growth model to identify “drivers” of development in the Baltimore metropolitan region. Association of American Geographers annual meeting. April 12-16, 2011. Seattle, WA. (poster presentation) National conference.

Ritter, B**. and C.A. Jantz (2011). Demographic and urban land use changes on the Delmarva Peninsula. Association of American Geographers annual meeting. April 12-16, 2011. Seattle, WA. (poster presentation) National conference.

Funded & Ongoing Projects

Jantz, C.A., S.A. Drzyzga, P. Claggett and J. O’Niel-Dunne (2015 – 2017). A land cover mapping, modeling, and monitoring system for the Delaware River Basin (DRB) in support of maintaining and restoring water resources. William Penn Foundation. Total budget: $1,015,000 (all to SU).

Yeo, I, M. Lang, C. Huang, and C.A. Jantz (2012-2015). Mapping and monitoring of wetland dynamics for improved resilience and delivery of ecosystem services in the Mid-Atlantic region. Submitted to NASA’s Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) Land-Cover/Land-Use Change 2012 solicitation (NNH10ZDA001N-LCLUC). Total budget $749,849; SU budget $60,434.

Community and Professional Service

  • Elected – University Forum, at large representative. Shippensburg University, Fall 2014 – present
  • Appointed – Center for Faculty Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching – Grants, Shippensburg University, 2014 - present.
  • Appointed – Provost’s Grants Task Force 2.0, co-chair (with Chris Wonders). Shippensburg University, Spring 2014 – present.

  • Department Internship Coordinator and Supervisor. Geography-Earth Science, Shippensburg University. Summer 2007 – present.
  • Departmental Professional Affairs Committee. Department of Geography-Earth Science. Shippensburg University. 2007-present.