Writing Resources of the GEO-ESS Department

The Department of Geography and Earth Sciences has many resources available to ensure a student's writing is in accordance with the formatting guidelines of the department as well as other scientific formats. Listed below are a few documents that will help students put forth their best work.

Writing Style Guide of the Geography - Earth Science Department

This document will show students the correct formatting for various sections and subheadings (e.g. abstract, table of contents, introduction, etc.) as well as provide insight into the type of content that should be found in each.

Council of Scientific Editors (CSE) Formatting Guide

This document includes information on the proper way to use in text citations and how to format reference pages including how to cite maps and data sources.

Geography - Earth Science Best Writing Practices

The department has assembled some of the best practices in writing for each element (e.g. abstract, discussion, tables/figures, etc.) of a student's paper. These tips can be used to help the student best showcase his or her work.