Our increasingly complicated world makes the knowledge of a language other than English more than necessary.

Why German Studies?

Learn More about the German Studies Minor and the many reasons to add German to your curriculum!

German Studies Minor - 18 crs.

What makes German Studies an interdisciplinary minor?

The focus of the German Studies Minor is both on the exposure to the language to gain proficiency and on knowledge of the historical, cultural, and political background of the language. All upper-level courses are taught in German. Other courses are taught in English and may be offered by other departments, including those concerning cultures of the German-speaking world. Shippensburg University students may also study abroad at the University of Lüneburg (Germany), enrolling in regular university offerings there that count towards the German Studies minor.


What can I do with German Studies?

Our increasingly complicated world makes the knowledge of a language other than English more than necessary. It also broadens the professional possibilities of anyone who has a proficient knowledge of German. The job possibilities range from industry, travel, and tourism, service, arts and media, U.S. government to the armed forces.

  • German teacher, history teacher, bilingual educator, translator or interpreter, receptionist, literary researcher, librarian etc.
  • Foreign correspondent, publisher, bilingual administrator, FBI or CIA special agent, or work in institutions like the World Bank, Department of Defense, or Department of State, etc.
  • Scientific researcher, international lawyer, sales representative, technical consultant, international credit analyst, or marketing/advertising executive.
  • Travel agent, exchange program coordinator, flight attendant, pilot, or proofreader.

German Certificate - 12 crs.

Select four courses from the minor. Courses selected by advisement.

German Certification

It is now possible to get certified in German provided that another language major is also chosen. Students interested will have to pass the Praxis in German and take all the pertinent courses in Education. Contact the department for additional information.