Modern Languages Curriculum and Instruction Master's Program

In addition to the requisite education classes (18 credits), the Modern Languages Cluster, with option in French or in Spanish, will include eighteen credits in language and methodology from 400 to 500 level courses. Twelve credits minimum must be taken at the 500 level. It is to note that the list of 400 level courses is not exhaustive as the courses keep on being created.

Outline of the Courses

  • 3 credits Advanced Methodology 500 level
  • 3 credits Applied Linguistics -- History of the Spanish/French Language OR Spanish/French
  • Linguistics, 500 level
  • 3 credits Culture -- Several 400/490 seminars can be used for this purpose. There will also be 500 level seminars.
  • 9 credits Literature -- Several 400/490 seminars can be used for this purpose. There will also be 500 level seminars.


To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold a degree in education (or other major for Early Childhood) from an accredited college or university.
  2. Have an undergraduate overall grade point average of 2.75 or an approved score on the Miller Analogies Test.
  3. Submit an application to the Office of Graduate Admissions. 
  4. Provide official transcripts of all undergraduate/graduate work. 
  5. Complete a questionnaire concerning teaching background and future goals. 
  6. Submit three letters of reference. 
  7. Appear for an interview and a planning review with department faculty during which a program plan will be completed.
Department requirements:
  1. Evidence of oral and written proficiency in the target language by taking the ACTFL OPI (oral proficiency interview) and the ACTFL written test. The minimum score on both tests must be at the advanced-low level.
  2. Any course in Spanish/French at the undergraduate level with a C or a D would have to be repeated. 
  3. The span to complete the degree will be 7 years as per the College of Education. 
  4. Completion of the Masters will entail an oral exam and a Spanish/French Education research project whose outcome will be reviewed by all the Spanish/French faculty.