FAQs From Prospective Graduate Students

Q.What is the minimum GPA required for admission?  

A. Minimum GPA requirements differ by program but for most a 2.75 cumulative/overall grade point average is the minimum. Applicants to the M. Ed. program in Dual (K-12) School Counseling and M. Ed. in Reading must have a minimum of a 3.00 undergraduate GPA. Applicants to the Master of Social Work must have a 2.80 undergraduate GPA. 

Q. If I have less than a 2.75 then what? 

A. It depends on the major/department to which you are applying. Some require the GRE, MAT, letters of recommendation, interviews, resumes, essays/goal statements or all of the above. Please see our program and degree requirements.

Q. What is the rule regarding transfer credits? 

A. We will accept a maximum of 9 transfer credits with grades of "B" or better. The credits should not be more than five years old. More information about transfer credit can be found on the Transfer Info page.

Q. How many credits are required to complete most masters' degrees? 

A. Most require a minimum of 30 credits. We offer two that require 60.

Q. What constitutes full-time status? 

A. At the graduate level, full-time status is 9 credits or more per semester.  To be eligible for Federal Financial Aid you must take a minimum of 6 credits per semester.  3 credits (or one course) per semester is considered less than part-time and is not eligible for federal aid. 

Q. What about financial aid concerns? 

A. If you are a full-time student, you are eligible for a graduate assistantship, which gives you a tuition waiver for up to 9 credits and a small stipend. If you are scheduled for six credits, you are eligible for a loan through the Office of Financial Aid.

Q. Is there on campus housing for graduate students? 

A. Graduate housing may be available on campus during the academic year and summer terms. To determine if housing is available for Graduate Students you must contact the Housing Office at Housing@ship.edu or 717-477-1701. Only during the summer terms. For more information regarding off campus housing visit the Dean of Students Housing page , or you can consult the Graduate Student Association Board.  

Q. How many years do I have to complete my degree? 

A. All course work and research for the master's degree must be completed within a seven-year period.

Q. What if I have surpassed the 7-year period to complete my degree?

A. We may be able to assist you in completing your degree. Please contact the Graduate Dean's Office via email:  mailto:GradSchool@ship.edu.

Q. Can I do a dual master's degree at SHIP?

A. It may be possible for you to complete a dual master's degree (complete two related master's degrees) while at SHIP.  Your ability to complete more than one master's degree is dependent upon a number of items. It would be best for you to discuss your desires with a Graduate Admissions Counselor via phone.  Please give us a call at 717-477-1213.

Q. If I have questions about scheduling courses, grades, withdrawing from a class, or candidacy where do I go for information? 

A. Those issues are handled by the individual departments, see appropriate department secretary for details. Contact information for Graduate Coordinators within specific departments can be found on the Graduate Studies Contact page.

 Q. Do you offer any courses online? 

A. The School of Graduate Studies has begun offering courses for its graduate programs online.  Some programs do not offer any online courses because of the nature of their curriculum.  We are in the process of preparing to offer significant portions of certain programs online.  At this point we would encourage you to not expect any program to be offered or completed in a fully online format. If you are looking for online options please visit the Office of Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education as any options of that nature would be listed on that site. 

Q. What student support services do you offer?

A.  Support Services

The graduate catalog is available online at ship.edu/catalog.