Executive Board

GSAB Executive Board

Carl Archut, Jr., President
MS in Organizational Development & Leadership
Concentration in Higher Education Structure & Policy
Expected Graduation: May 2018
Email: GSAB@ship.edu OR CArchut@ship.edu

Becca Zelner, Executive Vice President
Master of Social Work
Expected Graduation: May 2018
Email: rz1435@ship.edu
Jennifer Cina, Vice President for Public Relations
MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling  
Expected Graduation: May 2018
Email: jc9899@ship.edu      
Steph Reynolds, Vice President for Finance
MS in Psychological Sciences
Expected Graduation: May 2018
Email: sr0401@ship.edu  
Kristen Boles, Advisor
Email: KENickey@ship.edu

Program Representatives

  • Administration of Justice: 
  • Applied History: 
  • Biology: Hannah Roos 
  • Business Administration: 
  • Communication Studies: 
  • Computer Science: 
  • Counseling & College Student Personnel
  • Curriculum & Instruction:
  • Geo-environmental Studies:
  • Organizational Development & Leadership: 
  • Psychological Studies:
  • Public Administration:
  • Reading: 
  • School Administration:
  • Social Work: 
  • Special Education:  

 Interested in serving as a program representative for your respective program? Please email us at GSAB@ship.edu to get involved!