Volunteer Opportunities


  •  Office Assistant – Assist administrative staff with office duties.

Family Development/Parent Engagement

  • Committee/Policy Council Member – Serve on center committees to assist with classroom planning and resulting class activities as well as participate in informative training sessions. Represent center committee on the Policy Council to become involved with Program planning, budget and policy development; provide two-way communication between the center committee and Policy Council.

  • Childcare Assistant – Provide childcare for the children of Head Start parents during Head Start functions.

  • Special Events – Assist Head Start staff with program special events.

  • Male Involvement – Assist the Head Start staff with male involvement initiatives and projects

Education/Mental Health/Disabilities Services

  • Classroom Assistant – Assist Teacher or Home Visitor with daily classroom activities, including special activities and field trips, snack and lunch set-up and participation; interact with children during indoor/outdoor classroom curriculum implementation.

  • Child Development Tutor – Assist Disability staff with service to children diagnosed with specific disabilities.

  • Bus Monitor – Following required special training, assist Driver with child transportation, including maintenance of Transportation Log, assisting with children’s placement in child restraint systems, and facilitating communication between the child’s parent/caregiver and the center.

  • Home Base Transportation – A parent/caregiver may provide transportation to and from a Home Base socialization and claim the time involved as an in-kind contribution to the Program.

  • Parent Engagement – Volunteer hours may be claimed for time spent in supporting the child and family’s experience in the Program, including participation in home; reading, journaling for the Literacy Project, supporting written plans and activities provided by the Teacher or Home Visitor, outreach efforts for recruitment, participating in community partnership with other parents or community members, supporting a lending library, health fair or other program activity, providing assistance in the classroom or on a field trip, reviewing menus for the Program, or participating in an employment interview.

  • Additional volunteer opportunities possible – providing special cultural, craft, or other activities for the children in the centers; assisting with Program special events, such as Family Fun Night or the Kindergarten Celebration; assisting with child care for meetings; other activities as proposed or needed to support Program service delivery.