History Major Career Options

Many people wonder, "What can I do with a history bachelors degree?"  The answer is: a history degree provides a strong foundation of skills that prepare graduates for a wide variety of career choices. 

In fact, recent surveys conducted by the Chronicle of Higher Education/Marketplace and the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that employers want their future employees to have a well-rounded education combined with strong research, writing, communication, and problem-solving skills. These are precisely the skills developed by History majors.

Christopher Brooks, in his recent article entitled, "Connecting the Dots: Why a History Degree is Useful in the Business World," notes that a history degree provides the fundamental skills required for success in the business world--particularly when paired with a minor or course that provides individuals with some business or technical skills. 

Continuous Career Advisement

Career advisement begins from the first time our majors arrive on campus right through their senior year and beyond.  For Bachelor of Arts students, career development is included in our required research methods and major capstone courses.

Our B.S.Ed. students receive one-on-one counseling from our Social Studies Education faculty who will help them to meet the university and state requirements for certification. They will also help them to prepare for seeking employment in secondary schools in Pennsylvania and across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree are also provided with continuous career advisement over the course of their career from their history department advisors, as well as through department, college, and university-sponsored career events.

As part of this continuous career advisement, student are encouraged to consider the following steps that will help them to develop their skills and experience:

Careers in Education--And So Much More!

Students who graduated as History majors from Shippensburg University are currently working in a wide variety of occupations and for a diverse range of employers. Our alumni are teaching in schools across Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic Region. 

Additionally, the history major provides the skills and experience that prepares students for a wide variety of interesting positions working in business, education, government, and with non-profit organizations.  Here is just a sample of our recent graduates' job titles and employers:

  • Budget Analyst, United States Department of Justice
  • Engagement Representative, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Communications Manager, Volvo Construction 
  • Curator, United States Army Heritage and Education Center
  • District Executive,  New Birth of Freedom Council, Boy Scouts of America
  • Digital Communication Assistant, Atlantic Council
  • Assistant District Attorney, Franklin County District Attorney's Office
  • Instructional Designer, United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Supply Systems Analyst, Mechanicsburg Naval Supply Headquarters 
  • Lawyer, Salzmann Hughes Attorneys at Law
  • Second Lieutenant, the United States Army
  • English Language Program Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Infrastructure Technician, Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts
  • Educational Technology and Documentation Specialist, SAFARI Montage

This is just a small sample of the wide variety of career paths chosen by our students who have found career success based on their training as history majors.

Career Exploration and Resources

History majors can utilize the staff and resources at Shippensburg University's Career Development Center.  They can assist with writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, organizing job searches, finding job listings, and applying to graduate school. For more information on the wide array of career resources available at the Shippensburg University Career, Mentoring, and Professional Development Center.

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