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For students focused on making healthy lifestyle choices in all aspects of life. 

The Healthy Living LLC serves students focused on making healthy lifestyle choices in all aspects of life. By stressing a culture of mutual respect, affinity, accountability, and support, this LLC aspires to further the image of a balanced lifestyle within both the individual and the community.

Members are asked to actively participate in wellness events, respect and support other members, and to commit to making healthy lifestyle choices.

This LLC fosters an environment that encourages a well-rounded balance of intellectual, physical, social, environmental, financial, and spiritual wellness in order to achieve personal and academic success.

Students will develop a sense of balance and responsibility with a focus on caring for the whole person, all while having fun and creating friendships that will last well beyond Shippensburg. 

The residents of this community will work to improve their personal wellness by participating in a variety of programs provided by students, faculty, and staff. In addition, social and academic events are offered throughout the semester by the Residence Life staff and others across campus. 

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Perks and Benefits:

Suite-style living in McCune Hall Rooms 101-137

Lounge reserved specifically for your LLC use 

Building relationships with a diverse group of students committed to living a healthy lifestyle

Developing strong values and ethics, and connecting with other students who have similar interests

Participating in community activities and events

Becoming involved with developing standards and planning for the future of the community

Model healthy behaviors and set an example for other Shippensburg students 

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