ROTC Revised
For those who have served, participate in ROTC, and students with an interest in military leadership.

The ROTC/Veterans LLC was formed through a partnership between Veteran’s Affairs, the Raider Battalion, and Housing and Residence Life. This LLC is designed for students who have an interest in the military, whether that means participating in ROTC, those who have served, or identify with the lifestyle. Students will have the opportunity to make connections with other students who have common interests.

ROTC students have a unique schedule that may not line up with the average college student. This LLC allows those students to live together and support each other through the rigorous schedule they endure.

Veteran students who participate in this LLC will have the opportunity to make connections with staff and faculty across campus. There will be a supportive environment for our veterans as they transition to civilian and college life.

The ROTC/Veterans LLC will also facilitate a mentorship program between our veteran students and the ROTC students. This mutually beneficial relationship allows ROTC students to learn from the experience of our Veterans and our Veterans to make supportive connections with ROTC students.

Through the support of our hall staff (Resident Assistants and Residence Director) social events and academic programs will occur that are geared towards the interests of the residents.


Perks and Benefits:

  • Suite-style living in Kieffer Hall Room 226-242, located near the ROTC office in Wright Hall
  • Lounge reserved specifically for your LLC use 
  • Staff and faculty mentors to provide support and resources
  • Instant connection with fellow hallmates
  • Events and programs geared towards your interests
  • Supportive environment to encourage you to achieve your goals

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